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2011-04-13 13:21:46 by Tillerian

Kitty Tang

Age: 15

Birthday: November 4

Kitty is a friend of Swift's. She loves comic books and video games. Kitty is often refered to as a tomboy. She has a spunky attitude, but, she's a bit of an airhead, often letting her strange imagination get to her.

Kitty is a talented mechanic. She loves building machines and fixing things. Whenever Swift needs something fixed, she's the first person he turns to.

About Kitty Tang


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2011-04-13 17:05:42

I like your Flashes. If you need an extra voice actor, Make sure to PM me ;D


2011-05-12 16:01:26

If you send me a pm with some lines I'll do any of your three characters, two if your struggling. Let me know when you get back from your break. :)