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No new cartoon 'till Monday

2011-04-02 13:19:20 by Tillerian

Due to a number of certain events, and the fact that I'm away from town, I will not get the chance to upload my newest cartoon 'till Monday morning. The cartoon is 100% done and is ready to hit Newgrounds. I'm just not gonna be able to post it up. So, look forward to it!

Actress Auditions!!!

2011-03-22 22:12:51 by Tillerian

Right now I'm looking for an actress for female characters. I don't mind if you do one or two. I just need actresses! So, if you want to do voice acting, then, come try out for some!

First, here's the thing. You can record right at home. Act out a few of the example lines of the character of your choice and then, e-mail them to me at I'll listen to the samples, and do the judging myself. THIS IS NOT A ONE SHOT JOB!!! THIS IS A REACURRING JOB!!! So, you're gonna have to be a little devoted. But, I might get payed for these cartoons, and if I get paid, I'll give you a percentage of the cut. But the rule is, the more hits I get, the more money I get, but if the money I get is below $50.00, then, I don't get paid, but the money will role over into my next payment, so, you won't be getting paid immediately, but, you can sometime. I'm counting on you to do this.

A few tips first: Drink plenty of water, and make sure your voice is in perfect shape.

Now, here are the girls, take your pick:

Vixie the Vixen: This is Swift's (The main character's) girlfriend. She's very smart and kind and catches on to things faster than any other character. She is the smartest of the bunch, and she has a talent at computers. I image her voice as an average teenage girl voice.

Sample lines: "I don't know, Swift, this doesn't sound like a good idea"
"When you put it that way, it sounds kind of stupid"
"Don't worry, you can always count on me"

Kitty Tang: Kitty is a tomboyish cat. She loves comic books and video games. But she loves machines more than anything. Kitty can fix almost anything. Kitty kind of has a kind of spunk about her, but she can also be quite the space cadet, sometimes letting her wild imagination get to her. I image her voice as a geeky voice.

Sample lines: "I can fix it, but, it's gonna take a lot of work"
"Naw, I finished that this morning. Right now, I'm working on something that I should have finished six weeks ago"
"Cool! I always wanted to make a spaceship!"

Akira the Scorceress: Akira is a mysterious mouse who lives alone on top of a mountain. She doesn't like talking to people, and she'll let you know that... before she fries you, that is. She is evil and sadistic. She doesn't want people to visit her either. I imagine her voice to be sexy.

Sample lines: "I am Akira, the Scorceress. Do you dare tresspass on my turf?"
"If you don't leave right now, I'll turn you into your least favorite animal. I don't care either way"
"How irretating"

I hope to look forward for your answers and good luck!

Actress Auditions!!!

The Tale of the Wandering Guardian

2011-03-18 22:48:55 by Tillerian

Where am I?

What happened?

What is this place?

Am I alone?


I've always been alone. That's the way it has been. Wandering around. No destination. No companion but the wind at my back. For I am Karibo, Guardian of the Wind. My appearance may fool you. I don't care reguardless.

I came from another world. A world... different from this. Where this is a world of technology, I come from a world of magic. Magic that none have ever seen. I possess such magic. For I am a Guardian.

I am one of seven. Each with their own different element. I am the Guardian of the Wind. It is the duty of a Guardian to defend our world from darkness and guide it through the never-ending journey to the light of peace and tranquility. This duty is all I have known and all I will ever need. For I need no other.

Ever since that day, I have been alone. Never to get attatched to anyone ever again. That day was the worst pain I have ever felt, and I still feel its effects to this day. I lost someone, someone close, someone dear. And then she was gone. Ripped away from me like a page torn from a book. Despite this painful memory, it is in the past, and I am not out to make anyone feel sorry for me. I'm here to do my job. That is all.

One does not become a Guardian by will nor choice. They are chosen, through the bloodline of their heiratage. A chosen family. Once retired, the Guardian passes their duty to their children. Yet, my generation was different. I don't know how, but the last generation of Guardians were killed. Slaughtered by an unknown force. No doubt an attempt to whipe them out. Yet, the children were spared and I was one of them. However, I was separated, never to know about my lineage. But destany does not turn a blind eye to anything, and the magic of the wind found me. I accepted my duty as Guardian of the Wind solely because I had no where else to go.

Unlike most Guardians, who remained stationary in one place, I wandered. I could not stay in one place. I did not want to get close to anyone. So, I travelled. I saw many sights. I have seen things that one would think would only appear in their imagination.

For many years I have walked non-stop. Never halting my progress. When trouble shows itself, and people need help, I will not hesitate, I will act, I will free them from oppression, for that is the duty of a Guardian. Once the deed is done, I leave. A face that no one will see. A name that no one will know. Leaving nothing but the wind and the memory of my deed. Love me or curse me, the deed is done, and no longer have to worry about it. That is who I am, and that is who I will always be. For I need no companion. I have all I need and not ask for more. I already lost one, I refuse to go down that path again. No, never again.

And now I find myself in a new world, with new, strange looking people. These world of machines, not magic. My duty as a Guardian is not limited to my world. Whenever trouble comes, I will fight. I always have.

To be continued...

Sorry 'bout the delay

2011-03-07 15:57:41 by Tillerian

I'm currently working on my newest cartoon. I wanted to post it up today, but, that ain't happining. I'm not even finished with the first scene. It will be done, just not today.


About Chickanous

2011-03-04 20:31:11 by Tillerian


Age: 37

Birthday: October 26

The worlds greatest, and probably only, chicken genius. Chickanous surely is one of pure evil. His ambtions: to conquer the world! Chickanous is very intellegent and brilliant, however, he is no match for Swift's abilities. Chickanous is a great engineer, able to build powerful machines in record time.

After losing his wings in a previous incident, Chickanous has two mechanical wings that can do many things. These wings allow him to lift up heavy objects with ease. He can also use them as weapons and tools.

About Chickanous

About Luna the Moonlight Girl

2011-02-27 13:04:30 by Tillerian

Luna the Moonlight Girl

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Luna is a strange black being of unknown origins. Luna randomly appeared to Swift one day and has made friends with him since. She currently lives in his backyard.

Not much is known about Luna's past, not even she knows herself. Despite this mystery, Luna remains friendly, innocent, and happy-go-lucky. Luna is very childish and naive and often gets those around her into trouble. She is also almost always oblivious to her surroundings, often unable to tell a good person and a bad person apart. One thing Luna hates is "People who do bad stuff", and is always willing to put a stop to them.

Dispite her small size, Luna has increadible strength that almost rivals Muscles'. She is very skilled at martial arts. She's also a shape-shifter, able to almost perfectly mimic anyone, copying every detail excep the eye color.

About Luna the Moonlight Girl

New Toon! Finally!

2011-02-26 09:06:20 by Tillerian

Alright!!! Finally done with this one! It may seem a little strange to you at first, but this one was more expiremental than anything, I mean that by, making it up as I go and playing around with flash to see what works.

Introduced two new characters while I was at it: Luna and Chickanous. I'll post up their bios later.

Enjoy the new toon and I promise more frequent updates, but not soon, I gotta take my computer to be repaired, so, the next one will be a while. But, in the meantime, I'll work on the script for the next toon.

See you later,


2011-01-28 13:23:43 by Tillerian

My laptop batteries going bad. We may have to wait a little bit for that cartoon. Plus, I've been really busy with college work lately....

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

2010-11-30 21:15:08 by Tillerian


It's that time of year again and it the kind of year to be festive. It's a good time, indeed. I wish I could feel good right now.

About that cartoon, I won't be putting in the sounds. I feel miserable right now, so I can't do it. But I will get it done as soon as I feel better! It's not a Christmas cartoon, so there's no rush. In fact, I won't be making a Christmas cartoon right now, if I start now, I won't finish until February, maybe January if I'm up to it. But, I'll make a Christmas cartoon next year.

Anyway, have a merry Christmas guys, and I'll see you in 2011!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2010-11-25 20:00:51 by Tillerian

Just came on to give all of you a happy Thanksgiving. I know it's really late, but I hope everyone had a good one, 'cause I know I did!

Oh, by the way, I just finished working on a BRAND NEW CARTOON! All I have to do is add the sound. I've been experimenting a little with this one so it's a little short, but you'll find that the characters look way better than they did in the other one. It's about freaking time I added a new cartoon and plan on doing more often. Check for the flash toon soon.

Oh, and now that Thanksgiving's over, you know what that means. Time to get up the Christmas gear and celebrate the holidays!