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I'm so lonely...

2010-03-18 16:37:31 by Tillerian

Man, I'm so bummed out today. I guess it's because I'm little lonely. I have some friends, mind you, but I'm lonely for a different reason: Love.

Yes, I long for love. I long to find that one and only someone for me. One to be there with me, to care for me, one that I want to be with forever.

I have fallen in love with females in the past, however, with all of them, I have failed to get their attention and they slip through my fingers like cold ice. Here I am, almost done with high school and not one girlfriend, not one kiss. Oh, how I long for it!

I have become so desperate for love that I dream of the girl that is perfect! That perfect golden girl that is out there for me. Out there with her medium long brunette hair that waves through the wind dazzling the sky. It's not perfectly neat, but neither is mine. She wants to look nice, but is not obsessed with it. Yes, with those beautiful blue eyes that bleaches the sky and the ocean. Yes, to me, she is beautiful, but who she is is even more beautiful. She has the kindness that she shows to everyone she meets. She helps those who cry for help. Quiet, yet energetic. She is smart and knows what is right, and she is brave so she stands up for it. She is funny so she is always interesting to be around. Oh, how I long for such a thing.

Yet, here I stand, alone and afraid. Were such a girl to appear before me in the flesh, I, in my cowardice, too afraid to speak to her. Oh, my dream girl please, understand. If only I had the courage, if only if I had the guts, if only I had the will. Oh, how I long for us to be together...

But, alas, that such a thing will ever happen... I sigh in despare... Wishing, wondering, fantasising...


Wow... I'm REALLY lonely...

Well, at any rate, my brother FINALLY convinced me to make a facebook account... don't be expecting many updates though...

Hello, everybody. It is currently March 1, 2010, I will dearly miss February 28, 2010. It wasn't a perfect day, but it was alright.

Anyway, it's a new month and I'm looking forward to a few thing. One of those things is the release of Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver. Yes, I play pokemon. It's fun. Deal.

I've already pre-ordered Soul Silver so, one's already on hold for me. I'm looking forward to it because I love Generation II! It gives me so many memories of my youth. I remember going places with it! And I had a decent team. Can't really remember it, except I had a Todadile named Ed and a Lugia. None the less, Generation II is my favorite generation.

Upon gathering the game, I am going to transfer a level one Eevee there where he will evolve into and Umbreon (A.K.A. my favorite pokemon). I jacked him up on the Calcium and the Protien so he'll be pretty strong.

While I rant about pokemon during this entire blog, I assure you, I may be a big fan of pokemon, I'm just not a flaming, egotistical, everything is all about pokemon and everything else sucks fan. I am talking about the pedometer. Yes, the games will come with a pedometer that you can transfer your pokemon into, where it will grow friendlier towards you as you physically walk. Pretty cool, huh? There's gonna be some rules on that for me. Don't get me wrong, its a nice idea that allows people to interact with their pokemon while enjoying the fresh outdoors at the same time. That's pretty cool if you do that at school, ONLY if you are in elementary school and possibly middle school. But, if you were in high school or beyond... eh... different story...

If I was caught walking around with that thing on my belt, people will thing I'm a dork! That will ruin my reputation... even though, I don't really have one... that I'm aware of. But, better no reputation than a bad one, right? I gotta keep it that way. You know. Lay low with the pokemon. And, if you are in high school or beyond like me, I strongly suggest you do the same. Because, while there are some nice people in the world, there are also some @$$holes who will discriminate against you. I can't handle that kind of pressure. So, yeah, I enjoy pokemon, but I don't make a big deal out of it. If I find someone with similar intrests, great! But, best not take any chances on my part.

On a similar note, I'm thinking of doing a pokemon sprite movie in the near future. Whether your interested or not is really up to you, cause I'm doing it anyway... as soon as I get this one done. I've been thinking of this one for a long time now, and I think I have the ability to show it to you. Yeah... so... I guess you guys are gonna either like me or hate me because of the whole pokemon thing...

I'll just... get back to work on that flash now...

I'm gong to take a moment away from my flash to talk to you all about an old friend of mine who hasn't be doing good lately. You will know him as Sonic. Sonic's latest games have crashed and burned on an extreme measure. The once mighty hedgehog's carreer has dramatically fallen over the years. But there is hope for him. A new game dubbed "Sonic the hedgehog 4" aka "Project Needlemouse" promises us that the blue hero will return to his roots!

Now, let's think for a minute: Why has Sonic done such a bad job lately?

There are a few theories out there that his surviving fans have debated. The greatest theory of them all is that Sonic has gone away from his root greatly. Is this the case? For me, it is a very plausible reason, but it's still not an excuse!

To find the source of this problem, we have to find out, not what happened, but WHEN it happened. This goes back when the dreamcast was around, albeit a short time. During the course of its sad lifetime, Sonic relesed three games, two of which I will explain. It was the Sonic Adventure games. Both did considerably well. Sonic got away from the side-scrolling and on to the exploring a 3D world, with a cast of characters with him. With Sonic Adventure 2, a game that did well too, came a character that today is almost as popular as Sonic himself: Shadow.

So, after those games, what happened? Well, Sega became third-party developers and re-relesed the Adventure games on the gamecube, when both did well. Then came Sonic Heroes, the first original game on a non-sega platform. This game did okay, got mediocre reviews, but then came THE BOMB!!!

Shadow the Hedgehog, a game in which you played as the aforementioned Shadow the Hedgehog in an effort to find your past, loaded with guns and vehicles. This game, my friends, suffered greatly. After that, it was one disaster after another! Piles upon piles of no-good nonsense. Our once loved true blue dude with the 'tude is on the verge of death. Is there any hope left for him?

Why has it become this way? Moment of A.D.D., I think one small reason was because of one thing: 4-kids. Yes, the dubbing company that many have claimed ruined anime with it's over the top editing and political correctness. These people got their hands on Sonic X and butchered it, some may say. And these people have gotten into the games with their horrid voice acting! (I will, however, point out that Jason Anthony Griffith is getting a little better) Even if it's a plausible reason, it still won't help if it is fixed.

That's it with the hedgehog history. And so we still wonder, why has this been so? Let's look at this at another angle, shall we? Let's look at another well-known video game character: Mario. You all probably hate Mario's guts because he was at one point Sonic's intense rival. If you are, I don't blame you, dear, loyal, Sonic fan. But, whether you do or don't, bear with me for a moment.

When Mario first came out, it was a simple "left and right" "Jump up and down" platform game, whereas Mario only jumps on enemies to slay them, of course getting a fire flower to shoot fireballs at them, but that was it. Now, let's see Mario today. He has stared in games in which he not only jumps up and down, but punches, twirls, shoots stars, even flies! But the greatest change that he's made, was his gameplay. From linear, get-to-the-end-of-the-level, to free roaming exploration, where the player can uncover secrets and travel all over the level to find the stars. Today, Mario is just as good, if not better than, he was when he first appeared waaaay back in the late '80s. And he shows no sign of faltering. In a way, Mario's carreer is the complete opposite of Sonic's. He is, by far, the king of video game characters. And yet... why is poor old Sonic so different? Where Mario has triumphed, Sonic has fallen?

Here is my opinion on why this has happened. Brace yourselves, you may be tempted to flame and troll me! It is what I believe the harsh and cold truth. Those who disagree, remember that I have a right to express my opinion. Ready?

It is not so much that Sonic has drifted from his roots. I believe this is a minor cause. I believe that Sega isn't trying hard enough! All the games that they've released for him have been half-done jobs and poor Sonic's suffering because of it! They just try to release mediocre games and think it'll do fine. Well, now they're losing money because of it.

Don't believe me? Well, think of this: Sonic Unleashed. Did you notice that the biggest complaint of that game was the slow-as-bricks werehog stages? But what about the day-time stages? Complete opposite, my friends. It was true Sonic gameplay with true Sonic speed. Complete with easy-to-use moves such as the sidestep and the slide...thing. And it occasionally switched to a side-scrolling 2D perspective. This was universally praised. But, this was 3D behind-the-back gameplay! Just like Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog! But, let us remember why it did so well. The graphics were beautiful! The controls were easy! And Sonic, he wizzed through the stages at full true blue Sonic Speed. We all loved the day-time stages. But, why? Maybe it's because Sega put so much effort into this! I have come to believe that had Sega made more day-time stages and less night-time stages, the game would have done better than it has.

That being said, Sonic does fine with the 3D gameplay IF Sega puts their mind and money to it.

Now before you say "Wait, Tillerian! Are you saying that Sonic should stay away from his roots?" Of, course not! We can still have games like Sonic the Hedgehog 4 in which Sonic returnes to the gameplay that brought him to glory. What I'm saying is, Sonic needs to try new things, and when he does, Sega's got to put a lot of effort into it and make it look as good as it can. Maybe then, can he rise up to the glory that he once was.

Well... maybe I'm right... or maybe I'm wrong. But should Sega do as I said, it should be our jobs, the fans, to greet this with the upmost optimism, only then can we truely judge if Sonic should rise from the ashes or fall in the dirt.

Yet, out of all this, one question remains that no one can answer truely. That is the future of the blue hedgehog. Will he be put to rest for all eternity and never to rise again, or will he soar into the sky as high as he once was, or higher? The answer, my fellow fans, remains to be seen and it's all in the hands of the people in control of him: Sega. All we can do for now is wait, watch, pray... and hope.

Whether he fails or succeeds, I must do my part. Should he fall, I shall face it with dignity. I will not waist my life and mope in the dark that my hero is forever gone. No, I will live on and remember him as the great hedgehog he once was as a fond memory in my life. My fellow Sonic fans, I ask of you all to do the same. Wish him the best of luck, root for him, stay loyal to him. And should he fail us, remember him as the hero he was: Sonic the Hedgehog!

That's it for me-

Not many of you liked my animation. But thats, okay. I'll endevor to do better!

Anywhoway, I am excited now that I finally after all these years have flash! So, I'm just sitting here waiting for it to download.... yup... aaaaany time now.

I'm so bored, I want to sleep, but I got to woik on a new animation for your viewing pleasure. It's gonna be awhile, so hang tight. Gotta pretty up my cast of characters.

I'm thinking of getting some shading in. Swift here's pretty excited about it! He's been nagging on me to shade him and his buddies up. What am I going to do? But, now that I have the time for it, I guess I'll have to grant his wish.

I told Muscle that he needs to build up those muscles of his for the shooting of his first serious animation. He needs to round those arms a bit.

Vixie needed to get a curvier body, so, I went ahead to try to help out with that. The results havent come yet, but I'm pretty sure she'll be okay. Her voice might've changed a bit from the last video. But, I told her to put more personality in it.

As for Elasticat, I told him to hang tight. I liked him the way he was. He wanted to be more muscular like Muscle, but, that wouldn't fit for the comic relief. He didn't complain, he's just sitting over there with his burger eating away.

I am currently getting a flood of auditions for some new characters! And I found some good people to help. I'm sure you will be satisfied with a new, extensive cast of characters.

As for the background, Swift told me it looked like something that came from a "Microsoft paint crap" and told me to make a better aproach. So, I have no idea of how I'm going to do that, but, now that I have photoshop, I'll be able to put something together.

All in all, I'm praying that this next thing won't be very disappointing. It'll give you some background on how this is all played out. In the meantime, I'm thinking of making some sprite movies in the near future so, be on the lookout for that.

The cast is studying their lines right now, so, I'll leave them alone for a while. I told them to work hard at it and really really try! Bless their little souls...

Hopefully, it won't be too terribly long before I get this thing up and running, so, just be on the lookout, and remember, if you don't like it DON'T BE RUDE ABOUT IT!!!

Wish us luck!

I'm new here

2010-02-04 21:57:42 by Tillerian

I'm new here (As the title implies). Basically, I want to make cartoons for a living. I haven't uploaded any cartoons yet, but will in the future. I hope that I keep up to this and hope you enjoy my cartoons. I also hope that I become very successful. I am not, however, going to turn down some critism. As long as it's not mindless rantings just trying to hurt me, I'm good. I just want you guys to tell me if I doing good and what I need to work on. The way my cartoons run could depend on YOU, the viewer. So, anyway, I hope we have fun and that you accept me in this big flash-making family that we have. If not, then I'll just make my own. So, see you guys later.

Oh! I'll also be making my introduction flash video to tell you all the stuff that you need to know. Don't worry, it will not be one of those useless "Demos" or "Previews". It'll have a nice storyline to it and everything.

Also, I'm waiting on a package right now, a package that will hopefully come tomorrow. This package has things such as Adobe Flash, so, I'll be making cartoons as soon as that arrives. In the meantime, I would like you guys to give me some pointers on how things are run around here.

See ya later.