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I'm gonna be up front with this: I'm a strong Nintendo supporter. I don't care much for the PS3 or the Xbox 360. Nintendo keeps dishing out good games and I like it. I don't care for good graphics, nor do I care much about realistic ones. A game with great gameplay is good enough for me, and that's what Nintendo does! So what if the Wii has a bunch of bad games, don't buy them! Stick to the ones you know, like Mario, or Zelda, or Metroid. Yeah, those other two are over-rated! But, if you come of over to my place, you'll see something odd. How did an Xbox 360 get into my home? Well, it's my brother. He helped my buy the we with the promise that I'd help him buy a 360, and, being a man of my word, I did. So, that's how that thing got into my home.

But, now that I have a 360, I can finally play a game that I always wanted to try out: Sonic the Hedgehog for the 360, or as some people call it, Sonic 360 or Sonic next gen. Now, for four years, I've heard people talk smack about it, and I couldn't disagree, because I've never played it. Well, those days are gone, and now I can see once and for all if the game lives up to what they say about it.

Okay, let's start out with the bad. You can say I was kind of prepared for it. The camera is atrocious, it flys wherever it wants to or gets stuck and often causes you to die. I really hate that camera! Next, is the control. It's very sloppy and sensitive. Case in point, how do you jump forward? By pushing up and the jump button, right? What happens when you let go of the control stick in midair? You start going down. But, in this game, you keep going even if you let go. That cane be a serious problem, especially if you're trying to get on a small platform. Sonic's stages are frustrating because, when you're going through a loop it doesn't lock in place completely. The first loop I went through, I missed the jump ramp completely and flew into the water and died.

But, worst of all, the loading screens. I knew they were long, but what caught me off guard was that some loading screens were placed at the most rediculous places. For example, when you fight a boss, it loads for 30 seconds, pretty long for a loading screen. Then, we see the intro to the boss screen where we get the name and the dialog, then, it has to load again! Was that last loading screen just for that part?!? Then, finally we fight the boss. We beat the boss and, it loads! Then we get the boss defeat screen and the results, then, of course, it has to load AGAIN! And finally, we continue. Couldn't they have put that on one loading screen. I mean a long loading time is bad enough, but at least it would be ONE loading screen and not FOUR! You get the loading screens on everything! That's what they did in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

When you get a game over, you think you get to go back to the very start of the stage, but no, it's worse than that, you go back to the character select screen, that means... MORE LOADING SCREENS!!!

There are plenty of bugs in the game, too, but, I can't list all of them, so I'm moving on.

I've gotten the bad out of the way, now let me talk about the good. The graphics are great and the music is fantasic! I love the music! And a lot of people agree with me, isn't that right? Don't believe me? Listen to some on youtube. They're good. But most of all is this game has a lot of good ideas. Let me name a few.

The hub worlds. When you're not zooming through actions stages your messing about in the hub worlds doing whatever you want, that's a big plus. We haven't seen any hub worlds since Sonic Adventure and I'm glad they brought them back for this game. We don't have much exploration in games anymore and that's just sad. This game gives us something to explore as Sonic... or Shadow... or Silver. I just love the hub worlds.

Another plus is the rings. In any other Sonic game what happens when you get hit? You lose all of your rings no matter how hard you get hit. In this game, the amount of rings you lose depend on how hard you get hit. If you get hit by a bullet, you lose one ring, but if you get hit with a missile, you lose all of them. That's another good idea.

The storyline is okay, I just wish Sonic was more involved with the main plot. Instead, he's chasing after Eggman AGAIN, thus leaving Shadow and Silver to do the important stuff. I'm sorry, isn't Sonic the main character, WHOSE NAME IS IN THE TITLE!!! But, I can sit through it and not hate it. But if Sega's gonna be biased towards a character it might as well be the main character because that's what the series is about, right?

The new character Silver. He's alright. I find him appealing. He's not rediculously dark and sinister like Shadow is. He's actually a character you can put into a classic Sonic storyline. I'm talking Pre-Sonic Adventure, before he got the design change. Silver is, as Blaze points out, naive and that works with those kind of games. (I also find Blaze appealing, too). I like Silver, not as much as Sonic, but I still like him.

So, with all that said I can say that the game is not bad. It's not great, but it's not as bad as Sonic and the Black Knight, that is a BAAAAD game. It just is. This game is way better. I can see where Sega is going with it. I enjoyed the game, and isn't that the goal of the game, to enjoy it? Not sit around an critisize every single little thing? It's playable and if you're a big Sonic fan, you might want to give this game a try, if you can handle the frustration, that is. I'd give it a 6/10, maybe a 7. Why? This game has a lot of good ideas, it just wasn't presented properly.

Before I end this, I'd like to wrap things up with my opinion on the whole Sonic/Elise relationship: It's not that bad! Really, guys! It's not that big a deal! You're making a big stink about something small and insignificant! Yeah, so what if a human girl kisses a hedgehog? So what?!? It's not real! It's all fictional! Get over it!

So, that's my opinion on the whole thing.

Me Ranting About the Pokemons

2010-08-26 09:46:14 by Tillerian

I've been nosing around Newgrounds for a few years now, it's only recently that I have an account because I have the software to make cartoons. I know a couple of things about it. But one thing that I know about newgrounds is that many of the users despise pokemon.


Really? Well, I like it. Now keep in mind that I have a right to my own opinion and that I can share it in public. Pokemon is a game that was made by nintendo, which is in my opinion, the greatest video game company ever. You all may hate pokemon, but I'm sure you're familiar with the concept: Catch pokemon in the wild, train them to be the strongest and beat the strongest. Simple, right? Well, there use to be 150 (151 if you count Mew) but now there's almost 500 of these things, and more to come since a new generation is about to come out. People have a problem with this growing number, I don't mind, really. Because if you're gonna keep it going you gotta add new things to it.

Oh, listen to me talk... As much as I love pokemon, I've seen some of the toons that you've put out there, and I can understand where you guys are coming from. You guys apparently dislike the anime. I actually agree with you on that. The anime is really cheezy and it's just lame. But, to its credit it actually did a very good job at drawing the audience into the games. It drew me to them. When the anime came out, I was around 8 years old. The first pokemon game I bought was pokemon yellow the game that tied in with the anime the most. You get pikachu as your starter, you fight jessie and james, everything except have Misty and Brock follow you around.

I liked the anime all the way through generation II, then when generation III came around, it started to take a nosedive. The anime already did its job and started to grow old. I mean, they made some dumb decisions. Like kicking Misty off the team like some unimportant character. They replaced her with May, the female trainer of Generation III. But when it was over, they kicked her off and replaced her with Dawn, the female trainer of Generation IV. And when it's over, I'm pretty sure they'll kick her off, too, and Generation V is well on it's way so her days are numbered.

To sum it all up, I've really drifted away from the anime, but, I stick with the games as much as ever. Yeah, it's annoying to have Pikachu all over the place, but keep in mind that he's the mascot, like with Agumon with Digimon or Medabee with Medabots (I know I'm digging way deep into the "Rip-offs"). But remember, you don't have to catch him. There are plenty of other pokemon out there. My favorite pokemon, for example, is Umbreon. A good pokemon with good stats.

Although I can relate to some of the flashes here. There was this one flash I saw about some guy walking through the grass and encountering a Zubat every single step. He finally gunned the thing down with an assult rifle. Yeah, that does happen, and it can be annoying, especially if your just trying to go from place to place.

The spin off games are cool too. I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. It's a game where you play as the Pokemon instead of the human. Pokemon Ranger is okay, I like the concept, but I find myself going to it even less than the other games. Pokemon Coloseum was fun too. 3D pokemon games that plays like the actually games, but Pokemon Revolution was very disappointing.

Wow! I have just gone overboard with this Pokemon thing. Way overboard, but, you guys see my point right? Yeah, I like Pokemon, it's a great series and it doesn't look like it's gonna slow down any time soon.

About Vixie the Vixen

2010-08-19 10:56:08 by Tillerian

The following is a continuation of a series of posts. Please read post 9 onward before reading this.

Vixie the Vixen

Age: 15

Birthday: May 9

Vixie is Swift's girlfriend. She is a pink vixen with golden blonde hair. She's as kind as she is smart. Whenever Swift needs help solving something, he always turnes to her.

Vixie really trusts Swift and always has faith in him. She's always there to aid Swift when he needs her.

Vixie doesn't have any special powers, but she has a skill that is valuable to Swift and his friends. She is very good at computers. She knows how to hack into powerful computers and gather plenty of useful information. Vixies laptop is a special laptop that holds the powerful Vixen Virus, a virus capable of many things such as gathering all the files of a computer, transfering the files and crashing the computer perminately, all the while easily bypassing any security. It's a powerful virus and Vixie only uses it for the better good.

That's all I can say about Vixie. Thank you for reading these bios. Whenever I introduce a new character, I'll be sure to cover them, too.

About Vixie  the Vixen

About Elasticat

2010-08-18 13:18:40 by Tillerian

The following is a continuation of a series of posts, before reading this, please read post 9 onward.


Age: 15

Birthday: July 29

Arthur J. Cat, or Elasticat as his friends call him, is a red obesse cat. Elasticat is Swift's other best friend. Unlike his two adventure loving friends, however, he would rather just sit around the house and stay put. He doesn't like adventures as much as Swift and Muscle. Instead he loves food and happily eats anything.

Elasticat isn't as brave as Swift nor as strong as Muscle, but he has a big heart and assists his friends without question, regardless of whether he likes it or not. Even though he's not as reliable as others, both Swift and Muscle see him as a true friend.

Elasticat's special ability is that he can stretch his body to any length, thus, he can reach places that Swift and Muscle cannot. It's almost as if he were made of Elastic, hence his nickname. Whenever Elasticat has to fight, he just uses his sharp claws, but he usually swipes at a distance to keep himself from getting hurt. Elasticat's weakness is water. Like many other cats, Elasticat can't stand getting wet.

That's all I can say about Elasticat. Check back in tommorow for the final character for the time being: Vixie the Vixen.

About Elasticat

About Muscle the Dog

2010-08-17 13:06:28 by Tillerian

Before we get started, I'd like for you to know that I had a sketchbook that had drawings of a bunch of characters that I had. Aside from the drawings, it had important information like the character's birthdays or whatever. Well, I went spelunking in my room. I looked everywhere. I don't know what to say... it's gone. Yep. Forever lost inside my pit of a room never to see the light of day again.

The following is a continuation of post number 9, please read it first before reading this.

Muscle the Dog

Age: 15

Birthday: March 18

Muscle the Dog is Swift's best friend. Muscle loves to work out. You may think of him as an arrogant jock when you first meet him, but he's actually a really nice guy who is increadibly loyal to his friends. He puts his friends before himself. He is always there to fight by Swift's side.

Another thing that that Muscle loves to do is cook, but he's not very good at it. (Don't tell him I said it). He likes to fry everything and likes to add his special "Grandma Dawg's Hot Sauce" to it, which is super hot!

Muscle's special ability is his relentlessly powerful strength. He can lift just about anything with ease. And don't even think about getting in a fight with him, he knows martial arts! He is also built to take any hits. It takes more than anything anyone can pull off to knock him off his feet. He does have one flaw: Muscle is afraid of sharp objects.

That's all I can say about Muscle. Check back in tomorrow to learn about Elasticat.

About Muscle the Dog

About Swift the Fox

2010-08-16 13:28:16 by Tillerian

This is a continuation of the last post, if you want to know more, please look at the last post
Swift the Fox

Age: 15

Birthday: April 7

Swift the Fox is a heroic blue fox. Swift is the main guy of the cartoons. He is up beat and energetic yet has a heart of justice. He is also optimistic and is rarely angered or saddened. Swift loves adventure and finding something new. He also loves freedom and does whatever he can to protect it. Whenever someone is in trouble, Swift never hesitates to help.

If there is one this Swift hates more that anything its opression and anything else that wants to take freedom away. When this happens, he bravely takes it on as a challenge. Nothing frightens him at all!

Swift's main ability is speed. He can run increadibly fast. But that's not all! He has increadable reflexes and can quickly dodge anything. But, one thing that slows him down is cold weather, which he can't stand.

Swift's main weapon is a magical sword of light called the Shining Kitsune which has the ability to cut through any darkness. Swift almost never leaves home without it.

That's it about Swift the Fox. Check in tomorrow for Muscle the Dog.

About Swift the Fox

About the toons...

2010-08-15 10:06:00 by Tillerian

Before we get started on the characters, let me tell you about the setting.

Far far away, deep inside the galaxy, there is a planet called Fauna. Fauna is like earth in every way. The only difference is instead of inhabited by humans, it is inhabited by animals.

Fauna has only two continents; the Grandeur Region and the Ordance Region. Both regions are completely different. The Grandeur Region is a region of freedom and democracy. The other region, the Ordance Region is ruled by tyrants and dictatorship. The Ordance Region is constanty trying to overthrow the Grandeur Region in hopes to rule the world. Don't worry, though, this is prevented by three teenagers from the quiet town of Peachtown. These three teenagers each have special abilities of their own.

Check back in tomorrow to hear about Swift the Fox.

Character bios!

2010-08-14 11:36:23 by Tillerian

Well, I ain't got nothing better to do, so, I thought I'd give my characters a little introduction. Starting tomorrow, I'll be introducing my characters as they appear so that you'll know them better! Also, I've been slacking off on that new cartoon and will be getting back to it right now. Hopefully it'll be done soon.

Happy birthday to me!

2010-04-15 15:58:30 by Tillerian

Yeah, yeah. It's my birthday today, hope whoever's reading this notices. I know it's been weeks since I was working on my cartoons, but, I'll get back to it soon. Right now, I'm gonna celebrate my 18th birthday.

So... bye...

War on facebook!

2010-03-23 16:19:39 by Tillerian

This one is gone...

Oh, the depressing empty space.